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Gardunying in Europe and the Americas


Some Gardunians Events 2021 ...  

Algunos eventos garduñanos en el 2021 ...

Qualche evento della gardugna nel 2021 ...

TEEM 2021 - Barcelona, Spain

AIPO - Interacción 20/21 - Malaga, Spain

HCI Collab 2021 - Cauca, Colombia

IWHCI 2021 - São Paulo, Brazil

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Stalking, Harassment, Bullying & Cyber Criminals. Courses, events, etc. with a high Gardunia Factor - "G" Factor (alphabetical order)

Stalking, Harassment, Bullying y Cyber Criminales. Cursos, eventos, etc. con un factor Garduña elevado - "G" Factor (orden alfabético)

Stalking, Harassment, Bullying e Cyber Criminali. Corsi, eventi, ecc. con un alto fattore Gardugna - "G" Fattore (in ordine alfabetico)


AIPO - Interacción 2016. Salamanca (Spain).

AVI 2016 - Bari (Italy).

CHI 2016 - Papers, Panels and Workshops. San José, California (USA).

CISTI 2016 - Gran Canarias (Spain).

EATIS 2016 - Cartagena (Colombia).

ICWE 2016 - Lugano (Switzerland).

IDC 2016 - Workshops. Manchester (UK).

ISA 2016 - Santiago (Chile).

Mobile HCI 2016 - Florence (Italy).

Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media - UPF, Barcelona (Spain).

Master in Creation of Video Games - UPF, Barcelona (Spain).

Postgrado en Experiencia de Usuario Online - UPF, Barcelona (Spain).

Master in Embedded Systems Engineering - Egokituz, UPV / EHU - Behar Berezitarako Gizaki-Konputagailu Elkarrekintza Laborategia (Spain).

Master Universitario en Ingeniería Biomédica - Egokituz, UPV / EHU- Behar Berezitarako Gizaki-Konputagailu Elkarrekintza Laborategia (Spain).

Máster Universitario en Tecnología de Apoyo a la Autonomía Personal - Egokituz, UPV / EHU- Behar Berezitarako Gizaki-Konputagailu Elkarrekintza Laborategia (Spain).

Máster Universitario en Sistemas Informáticos Avanzados - Egokituz, UPV / EHU - Behar Berezitarako Gizaki-Konputagailu Elkarrekintza Laborategia (Spain).

Master in IT Project & Service Management, UPC - Barcelona TECH, School of Professional & Executive Development. Barcelona (Spain).

Master UX and Course EGA. University of Balearic Islands (Spain).

Master in Innovation and Design Management (coordination) - Bau, Design College of Barcelona. UVic-UCC (Spain).

Postgraduate Degree in Innovation and Design Thinking (coordination) - Bau, Design College of Barcelona. UVic-UCC (Spain).

RECSYS 2017 (Co-General and Sponsor Chairs) - Como (Italy).

SEIS 2017 - Buenos Aires (Argentina).

WEBIST 2017 - Porto (Portugal).

IDC 2017 (Associate Paper Chairs, Spain) - Stanford (USA).

ICWE 2017 - Rome (Italy).

AIPO - Interacción 2017 - Cancún (Mexico).

CHITA 2017 - Cagliari (Italy).

MIG 2017 - Motion in Games (Organizing Committee) - Barcelona (Spain).

ISA 2017 - Floripa (Brazil).

EDUCON 2018 (Local Chair in La Laguna) - Tenerife (Spain).

AVI 2018 - Castiglione della Pescaia (Italy).

ICSE 2018 - Gothenbug (Sweden).

ESWC 2018 - Turin (Italy) [ Workshop on Sentic Computing, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, and Emotion Detection - a Lombard terrorist and the strong relationship with a Belorussian criminal for the destruction of Italian and/or European research/education/work areas ]

CHIRA 2018 - Seville, Spain. Terrorist, corrupt, flake, and destructor of international events with 22 years of the stalking, bulliism, plagiarism, and very long etcetera from UPV/EHU (University of Basque Country) - Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Computer Architecture and Technology) in Spain with two assistents from University of Cauca (Colombia) and University of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain), ex students of Jesus Lores (University of Lleida), etc. This event has the same days (19, 20 and 21 September, 2018) and first deadlines (07.03.2018) that 9th international HCITOCH 2018. it's pure coincidence! No, No, and No! it is a little example of the cyber terrorism; bullism and stalking immunity in universities of Catalonia, Basque Country; Madrid, Mallorca, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia, Zaragoza, etc., and the constant expansion of the local and international pulp-computer interaction area. In short, the factor Garduña and the actions of the criminal cockroaches belonging to their destructive sects and bearers of terror and mockery.

AIPO - Interacción 2018 - Palma (Spain).

EDUCON 2019 (Steering Committee, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain) - Dubai, UAE.

AIPO - Interacción 2019 - Donostia (Spain).

HCI Collab 2019 - WIPO 2019

AVI 2020 - Ischia (Italy).

HCI Collab 2020 - WIPO 2020

HCI Collab 2021 - WIPO 2021

IWHCI 2020 - Arequipa, Peru

IWHCI 2021 - São Paulo, Brazil

TEEM 2021 - Barcelona, Spain (caspa and gardunia a go-go).

AIPO - Interacción 20/21 - Malaga (Spain).

TEEM 2021 - Barcelona, Spain


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